Cornell Launches Worker Institute

The Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations launched its new Worker Institute in Manhattan on Sept. 12. The director is LERA member and ILR professor Lowell Turner. He describes the institute as a think tank that extends into the policy area, as well as "working with other countries and organizations to build a global inclusive and sustainable society." Click here to read Turner's opening remarks. On the ILR web site, Turner said the institute's work begins with initiatives in five areas: equity at work, precarious workers, sustainability and the economy, strategic leadership and international collective action. Turner is quoted as saying the goal of the Worker Institute is to develop innovative approaches to workplace and related social problems. "We live in hard times, but we also have choices," Turner said. "We can gripe and complain or we can seek to understand, and on that understanding we can teach, inspire and lead," he said. "For the challenges ahead, we need all hands aboard, including yours and ours." <Read more> Click here for video.