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2012 LERA Research Volume

Public Jobs and Political Agendas: The Public Sector in an Era of Economic Stress


Edited by Daniel J.B. Mitchell

In his introduction to Public Jobs and Political Agendas, Mitchell puts the topic of the 2012 LERA research volume into context: "The reasons public sector workers and human resource practices are under scrutiny go beyond the impact of a recession putting the spotlight on already-strained budgets. There are important public/private differences that account for the special attention visited upon the public sector starting with the Great Recession. The first of these differences was the timing of the response to the recession and its aftermath on revenues. The second difference involves employee compensation and the contrasts between public and private practices in that area. Intertwined with these two factors is politics."

In the following nine papers that make up the volume the authors take up aspects of the public jobs in the shadow of a debilitating global recession and a highly partisan and fractured political scene, including:

  • The Great Recession and public sector employment, pay and benefits
  • Local government restructuring
  • Public sector employment in Organisation for Economic and Policy Development (OECD) nations
  • Privatization as a response to the Great Recession
  • The Great Recession's impact on public sector employment by blacks
  • Trends in compensation of state and local employees
  • The fiscal crisis, public pensions and labor-management relations
  • Adapting to the Great Recession in California
  • Public sector cost containment in Trinidad and Tobago

Editor Dan Mitchell is a  longtime LERA member, who, in addition to the Introduction, also penned the Great Recession in California chapter. LERA President David Lewin contributed the Chapter 1 essay. Other LERA members who made contributions to Public Jobs and Political Agendas include Ellen Dannin, Keith Bender, Ilana Boivie and Christian Weller. Other contributors to the volume include Mildred Warner, Sabina Dewan, William Rodgers III, John S. Heywood, Charlene M.L. Roach and Gloria Davis-Cooper.

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2011 LERA Annual Research Volume

Employee Ownership and Shared Capitalism: New Directions in Research

 (Price: $2495$23.96

  T TEdited by Edward J. Carberry

Since the emergence of different experiments with employee ownership in the early twentieth century, a growing group of companies and expanding set of institutions have opened the door for firms to share the financial returns of economic production with broad groups of employees. The growth of various forms of "shared capitalism" has meant that currently a little under half of all employees in the private sector own stock in the companies in which they work or receive cash-based bonuses linked to different measures of corporate performance. This book showcases the diverse state of cutting-edge academic work from 24 researchers on shared capitalism in the United States and Western Europe. Its eleven chapters represent a cross-section of current research, lively debates, and new research initiatives. 

2010 LERA Annual Research Volume

Transforming the U.S. Workforce Development System: Lessons from Research and Practice 
 (Price: $2495$23.96

  T TEdited by David Finegold, Mary Gatta, Hal Salzman, and Susan J. Schurman of Rutgers University and features twelve chapters from leading scholars and practitioners working in the skills field to examine what research tells us about the current state of the U.S. skills system in comparative perspective and the major changes that are required to help better prepare U.S. workers for the challenges of competing in the decades ahead. Particular emphasis is placed on labor-management efforts at enhancing skill development.


Annette Bernhardt, Heather Boushey, Laura Dresser, and Chris Tilly


Employee Pensions: Policies, Problems, & Possibilities

Teresa Ghilarducci and Christian E. Weller



The Ethics of Human Resources and Industrial Relations

John W. Budd and James G. Scoville, eds.



Collective Bargaining in the Private Sector


Paul F. Clark, John T. Delaney, Ann C. Frost, eds.


Future of the Safety Net: Social Insurance and Employee Benefits

Sheldon Friedman and David Jacobs, eds.



Nonstandard Work: The Nature and Challenges of Emerging Employment Arrangements

Françoise Carré, Marianne Ferber, Lonnie Golden, Stephen Hertzenberg, eds.



New Approaches to Disability in the Workplace

Edited by Terry Thomason, John F. Burton, Jr. and Doug Hyatt



Public Sector Employment in a Time of Transition

Edited by Dale Belman, Morley Gunderson, and Douglas Hyat


The Comparative Political Economy of Industrial Relations

Edited by Kirsten S. Wever and Lowell Turner


Employee Representation: Alternatives and Future Directions

Edited by Bruce E. Kaufman and Morris M. Kleiner

Edited by David Lewin, Olivia S. Mitchell, and Peter D. Sherer


The State of the Unions
(Out of Print, contact Copyright Clearance Center for copying fees/right at

Edited by George Strauss, Daniel G. Gallagher, and Jack Fiorito