LERA Publications

Annual Research Volume

LERA scholars and practicioners contribute to the annual Research Volume to produce a prestigious collection of essays and articles for members of the labor and employment relations fields. Members may view issues of the Research Volume online in the Members Library, or you may order hard copies of articles or full issues of the Research Volume.


The LERA Newsletter is a quarterly publication distributed to LERA members. The newsletter provides information about LERA programming, local chapters, membership issues, and ballots for elections. Members often share the newsletter as an example of the services LERA provides to members of our community. Past issues can be downloaded as PDFs from the Members Library.

Perspectives on Work

Perspectives on Work brings various workplace viewpoints into one place. Think of this as the "Cliff's Notes" for the large issues effecting LER. We may not agree on answers or sing campfire songs, but take away how one big trends impact everyone in very different ways.

Perspectives Online Companion

In 2004, the first issue of Perspectives on Work Online Companion was posted at the LERA web site. The electronic publication featured mini-forums addressing timely issues of interest to the member community. Published each spring and fall, the Online Companion provides a complement to the print version of Perspectives.

Insider Blog

LERA Insider blog will be concise snapshots of the labor AND management relationship, connecting seemingly disconnected workplace trends, practices, and research. From his vantage point as LERA content consultant for Perspectives on Work and the Employment Policy Research Network (EPRN), Mike Lillich, bridges many important areas.

Set your RSS feed to this page to receive the latest insights from the LERA's Insider.


LER Law Newsletter

Staying informed about labor and employment law challenges most professionals. Building on the strong history of informative newsletters from Ellen Dannin and the work of the Labor and Employment Law Interest Section, Editor Ann Hodges, University of Richmond, and Co-editor Ian A. Spreat, University of Richmond, bring important news and trends to labor law. Using original articles and links to a variety of points of views, Ann and Ian identify the issues you need for your work, study, and research.

LERA Annual Proceedings

The LERA Annual Meeting Proceedings records papers and presentations at each year's meeting. Members receive complimentary copies, and non-members can purchase a copy from LERA. Past issues of the Proceedings can be read online in the Members Library.

LERA Members Directory

The online LERA Members Directory is a complement to the printed directory that is published every four years. You may update your contact information or look up information for fellow members. Visit the password-protected Member Directory in the online library.