Work and Occupations . . . Call for Papers (Deadline: Ongoing)

Work and Occupations publishes sociological and social scientific research on work, occupations, employment, and labor themes. Articles promote new theoretical insights and theoretically important research findings conducted with qualitative and quantitative methods.  

Our publications focus substantively on social relationships, identities, culture, power, community, careers, inequality, and labor market outcomes among employees of large organizational workplaces, freelance and self-employed workers, and knowledge and artistic workers in the globalizing new economy. Recent articles and special issues have examined these topics in relation to diverse themes, including entrepreneurship, family, gender, healthcare, immigration, income inequality, labor unions, the professions, public sociology, race and ethnic relations, service workers, and social justice.

Recent special issues:

  • The Public Sociology of Labor: International and Historical Perspectives, May 2009, guest edited by Michael Burawoy, University of California-Berkeley
  • Workers, Managers, and Customers: Triangles of Power in Work Communities, August 2010, guest edited by Steven Henry Lopez, Ohio State University
  • Transformations in Professional and Expert Work: Broadening Horizons and Bridging Divides, August 2011, guest edited by Elizabeth H. Gorman, University of Virginia, and Rebecca L. Sandefur, American Bar Foundation and University of Illinois at Urbana

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Dan Cornfield
Editor, Work and Occupations
Professor of Sociology, Vanderbilt University