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Saves you time searching: You need fact-based content without slogging through the web.  
Connects you to experts: Needing to ask an expert in labor policy, negotiations, health care, employment…?
Promotes research: Real-time LER challenges need tested strategies. LER research publishes here.
Virtual Think Tank: Member dues support the open-access network for labor policy discussions: EPRN.
Gives you access to original content: Members-only content (videos, publications, reports, and more).

All these benefits focus on improving your participation in the labor and employment related professions. LERA is the place where all aspects of labor and employment relations sit down, talk, and share best practices, without partisan posturing.

Healthy global economies lean on the ever-changing labor and employment relationships. LERA watches, connects, and delivers what you need, when you need it. Review the detailed benefits below.

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Individual memberships:

  • JoinRenew  Regular ($195) 
  • JoinRenew  Emeritus ($105) - 10+ year member and no longer employed/retired 
  • JoinRenew  Student ($25) - Up to 4 years for FT students who are not employed/employed PT
  • JoinRenew  Contributing ($300) - Individual membership with donation

Institutional memberships:

  • JoinRenew  Library ($200 1yr/online only) Discounts packages available for multi-year online/print subscriptions.
  • JoinRenew  Organization ($500 tier one) Click here for additional information.

LERA Membership Benefit Details...

LERA Membership Directory - Exclusive access to experts in research, policy, and practice.

Annual Research Volume - Click for details.

Perspectives on Work - LER topics from all sides. Most members read it from cover to cover.

Online Perspectives on Work - Articles from around the web and from all sides. Enhances print magazine.

Annual Meeting Proceedings - Papers presented at our Annual Meetings. The history of LER research starts here.

LERA e-Newsletter - Member news, regional meetings, all the information a member needs.

LER Law Newsletter - LER in practice. This e-newsletter highlights the issues.

Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal - A $40 subscription now included in membership. It brings you comparative analysis articles on labor law, employment policy, labor economics, worker migration, and social security issues.

Members-only Gateway Access to links, stories, videos, podcasts, and the latest LER topics and discussions. See the seek peek below:

Networking & Community
 Members enjoy a host of resources to connect them to other professionals, research, and resources   

Employment Policy Research Network (EPRN) - The Employment Policy Research Network (EPRN), designed to network thought-leaders from every perspective in our field with those in need of LER research, features a new website to access that information. Visit, find new resources, read blogs, and add your own comments or questions to the ongoing discussions taking place.

LERA Website - A to Z coverage of association events and news, programs, chapter programs, calls and announcements, indexes of LERA publications are available online, and new resources for LERA leaders to manage their communities.

Meetings - Members receive advance program information on LERA Annual Meetings, National Policy Forums, and regional and chapter conferences around the country. Membership provides opportunities for presenting papers, competing for prestigious awards, networking and learning about new research, practices and policies.

Listservs - Members have access to a wealth of information via LERA Listserv, the Work and Employment Relations Listserv, and the Collective Bargaining Listserv discussion groups.

LERA Communities - Membership includes opportunities to participate in Industry Councils, Interest Sections, and local LERA Chapters.  You will find listings of these communities in this brochure.  Interest Sections offer members opportunities to network, present their work, and dialog on specific areas of professional or scholarly interest, and Industry Councils focus their dialogue, research, and networking on an industry-by-industry basis.  You can choose to join a local LERA Chapter, and network regionally.  There may be an additional chapter fee.

Awards, Recognition & Leadership
As a member, you will become part of a larger force to help build a stronger economy and society through dissemination of research and best practices, expert points of view, enriched public policy, innovative practices and a spirit of community. We are the only organization representing and servicing the needs of all viewpoints in labor and employment relations.

Awards & Recognition - With your help in nominating those who inspire and lead us, the LERA recognizes practitioners and scholars in the field who have exhibited outstanding qualities and work. The LERA holds a range of competitions as well, and prizes and honors are awarded each year at LERA's Annual Meeting.

Leadership - Whether you'd like to immerse yourself in the Association community or give back to the field, LERA has many leadership opportunities with its Committees, Industry Councils, and Interest Sections.

Thank you for your membership and welcome to the Labor and Employment Relations Association!
We've included some helpful tips to get you started.

Get Started Today:  1. Login2. Let us know who you are 3. Bookmark the online library 4. Check out the events calendar 5. Hear from your peers

1. Login. Access all member-only content and resources available online. If you haven't logged in yet, your email address of record in the "LERA Member Login" section at the top of the login page. Check "remember me" and your computer will be remembered in the future, so you will not need to login again.

2. Let us know who you are.

  • Choose additional LERA Communities - Select up Interest Sections and Industry Councils that you would like to learn more about and you will receive e-newsletters and information about related programs and resources. You can also find a local LERA Chapter close in your area. Learn more.

3. Bookmark the Members' Only Online Library. Browse current and archived LERA publications and newsletters, or seek out other LERA members in the Membership Directory. Get help to find what you are looking for by sending an email to or phoning 217-333-0072.

4. Check out the Events Calendar, and note the dates of the next LERA Annual Meeting, as well as all the other programs, luncheons, speaker series, conferences, seminars  and other events coming up.

5. Hear from your peers - Get relevant LERA updates, deadlines, calls and announcements at LERA-L Listserv, or join a lively discussion group, such LERA-Dialog Listserv and interact with your colleagues in an open-forum.

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Get Connected: With other membersWith Resources and Tools

With other members

  • Member Community – Build your network on LERA's online membership directory by completing your profile, and seeking out other LERA members in the same geographic area, or with the same professional interests.

  • Listservs – Get the latest news and developsments at LERA-L Listserv, or connect with your colleagues in the field by posting your questions and opinions on current topics at the LERA-DIALOG Listserv, both email-based listservs.

  • LinkedIn – Join the LERA Group to connect with your peers and build your professional network.

  • Facebook – Interact on the LERA Page, where you can connect with others in our community.

  • Twitter - Follow our twitters, for all twitter enthusiasts.

  • Google+ - Add us to your Googe+ groups.

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With resources and tools to help you

  • Research and Publications – Access LERA's latest research and best practices from the field with a host of LERA publications and other additional resources.

  • Events Calendar – Visit the LERA Events Calendar to find more information about events and programs happening all over, and close to home.

  • Jobs Board - LERA members can submit job postings and search them. People and organizations know that this is the place to post job openings for practitioners and academics in labor and employment relations.

  • LERA Meetings - Attend sessions and workshops that will both arm you with tools to take back to the job, and also keep you ahead of the curve by giving you the big picture from all viewpoints--labor, management, neutral, government, and academic--on all the issues.

  • Industry Councils - Learn about the challenges facing you in your particular industry, share best practices and learn from all perspectives on labor and employment relations in your industry.

  • Interest Sections - Network, present your work, and discuss specific areas of professional and scholarly interest.

  • LERA Chapters - Learn about matters of importance in your state or municipality, and exchange off-the-record observations with chapter speakers and other chapter members.

  • IR/HR Programs - Find state by state listings and contact information for Universities and Colleges with IR/HR programs.

  • Employment Policy Research Network (EPRN) - Find research, blogs, op-eds, and more from over 100 of the top researchers in the field. EPRN, a virtual think-tank, and offer its resources to LERA members, other researchers, policy-makers, and the media.

  • UCIRHRP - The University Council of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Programs, or UCIRHRP for short, is a network of Deans, Department Heads, and Administrators at Universities and Colleges with IR/HR programs. This unique group works collegially to prepare for changes and challenges and keep each other apprised of relevant current events, policy, and trends.

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Get Involved:

VolunteerConnectRate & ReviewDiscussSpeakWriteInfluenceLearnSupportPartner


  • Committees, Sections & Committees - Volunteer with any of our Industry Councils, Interest Sections, or Committes or and learn about the specific projects you can assist with on a project-to-project basis.

  • Local Chapters – Contact your local LERA Chapter to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

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  • LERA Membership Directory – Build your network on by completing your profile, and letting your colleagues find you online.

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Rate & Review

  • LERA Refereed Paper Competition – Offer your expertise to the blind LERA Refereed Paper Competition. Contact the Interest Section of your choice and offer to be a reader.

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  • EPRN – Comment and provide your feedback on the posts at the Employment Policy Research Network website, or offer your own guest blog.
  • Listserv posts – Offer your knowledge to your peers on one of LERA's email based listservs.

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  • Session proposal – Organize a workshop or symposium at a LERA meeting.
  • Chapter Speaker – Submit your presentation idea to your local LERA Chapter.

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  • Submit a paper, proposal, poster, or abstract for a competition or a meeting.

  • Submit a paper or proposal to a journal or other publication.

  • Submit a paper or proposal for an award or a project grant.

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  • Event Calendar – Visit LERA's Event Calendar to see and register for a program or event that is right for you.

  • LERA's Annual Meeting – Mark your calendar to attend the next LERA Annual Meeting.

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  • Lead a local chapter and win a merit award.

  • Nominate a LERA practitioner or scholar who inspires and leads for a LERA Award.

  • Volunteer to serve on a LERA Committee, or to lead in other capacities, such as a Co-Convener for an Interest Section, or a Co-Chair for an Industry Council.

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  • Recruit a member– Help grow and support the field while letting your colleagues know about the great resources LERA has to offer. Forward the LERA Membership Brochure to colleagues you think would benefit from LERA membership.

  • Contribute – Support the mission and the programs of the LERA by contributing.

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  • Advertising & Exhibiting – Find out all the ways you can increase your visibility and your companies business though advertising and exhibiting with the LERA. Don't see what you need? Email and we'll be happy to help you.

  • Organizational Memberships - Support the field, promote your organization, and obtain individual memberships for your own people by becoming a LERA Organizational Member.

  • LERA Sponsorships - Gain even more exposure and support the field by becoming a sponsor at either the Major Sponsor or the Sustaining Sponsor level.

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